Servicing & Repairs

Brakes and Tyres
From pads and discs, to drums and shoes - we know how to fix your brakes keep your car safe at a competitive price. With a small selection of part worn tyres in stock and thousands of new tyres only twenty minutes away we can meet all your requirements for the most competitive priced  tyres. In a recent survey that we conducted, we compared our tyre pricing to some of our local competitors- we are one of the cheapest tyre suppliers in Blackburn!

Regular checks and adjustments (if applicable) of the clutch can help to prevent future expensive problems. This is all part of the service at Three Arches. If your clutch needs replacing, With fully fitted prices starting from as little as £160.00 that's everyone’s idea of a good deal !

Exhausts & Catalytic Converters
We can supply and fit a wide range of exhausts and catalytic converters to your vehicle quickly and easily, again at a competitive price. We can also fabricate and repair some exhaust systems to save the cost of full replacement.

Cambelts / Timing Belts & Timing Chains
Replacing your car / vans cambelt at the correct time and / or mileage is critical. A broken cambelt can destroy some engines. We are equipped with all the special tools required to replace your cambelt properly – at a reasonable price. Many manufacturers are having timing chain issues, again we are equipped to repair most vehicle chain issues, Including the notorious BMW N47 Diesel engine that is fitted to many BMW's including 120, 320 & 520d models.

We have all the latest diagnostic equipment including dealer level tools for Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat & Skoda. If you have an engine management or electrical fault, you can be sure Three Arches will be able to diagnose the fault accurately and without hurting your wallet! Starting at £25.00 our diagnostic checks are great value for money.

Wheel Alignment / 4 Wheel Geometry
We are equipped with the latest laser four wheel alignment equipment. Correct wheel alignment ensures that tyres are not worn un-evenly and ensures the vehicle handles the road correctly.

Corsa / Astra Timing Chain
Does your Vauxhall have a rattle? We know some Vauxhall engines suffer from timing chain issues. This can be very costly if it breaks causing similar damage of that if a timing belt fails. We have all the special tools required to replace Vauxhall timing chains to ensure it is repaired to Vauxhall standards.

If you are worried about a unusual noise on your engine - call in to Three Arches and we can give you an all inclusive quote for repair.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
Most diesel engines built from 2008 have a 'DPF' fitted as standard to meet strict European guidelines on emissions. Certain driving styles and / or simple engine management faults can prematurely 'block' the filter causing symptoms including engine management light on, loss of power, excessive smoke from the exhaust or in extreme cases the engine can fail to start at all. We have the latest equipment to help diagnose DPF faults, we can even clean totally blocked filters saving the cost of replacement. If a vehicle was fitted with a DPF from factory, it must be present to pass the MOT.

Diesel Injectors
Diesel Injector Removal. We have invested in the latest hydraulic extraction equipment to deal with the most stubborn seized injectors. In some instances garages have needed to replace engines due to the damaged caused in attempting to extract seized injectors. The main culprits in the Vauxhall / Renault range are Vivaro / Trafic & Movano / Master vans. The M9R engines can be particularly difficult to extract without the correct equipment. If you are in the trade or you suspect a injector fault with your van, call us now to discuss how we can get you back on the road!

Astra Twintop Convertible
We are Vauxhall trained to repair Astra Twintops. Only a hand full of main dealers are authorised to repair them across the uk. They do unfortunately suffer from a number of faults including-  Roof / boot won't open, Raining in, Roof jams during operation, various electrical faults etc.

Engine Re-conditioning
We are fully equipped, trained & vastly experienced in engine building & reconditioning. We have a network of suppliers to ensure we can get quality parts- at the right price. This means we very rarely replace or exchange an engine- we repair them properly, to manufacturers standards.

Please call 01254 200111 for more information.